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Taranaki, New Plymouth, New Zealand, Server Room Air Conditioning is an essential part of any office with a dedicated server room, most modern servers will consume about 1Kw of electricity every hour, that converts into having a 1Kw heater element in the room, and when most server rooms are only small cupboards, if you have got 2 or 3 servers in there, it can really push the temperature up in that small room.


Without proper cooling and humidity control, servers can start to malfunction, give bad results and eventually trip out, causing massive disruption to the work you need to be focusing on to keep the business running. Central to the cooling solution of your facility is the need to understand the temperature and humidity control needs of your server rooms, and how to control the airflow to negate hot-spots while maximising airflow efficiency.


Atmospheric Control

Given that temperature control within the IT sector can be the biggest consumer of power for your business, it's important to ensure you are managing your air con system effectively to ensure it's having the desired effect and not simply boosting the size of your power bill! There are many types of server room air conditioning systems available to suit your requirements. Efficient cooling will result in efficiency of your data centre. Decrease in costs. Less power on cooling providing additional power for I.T.


Maintenance Programs

At Air-Rite we offer full proventitive maintenance programs for your IT cooling and humidity equipment giving you the confidence that your equipment is running to its full potential. We also speciaize in alarm monitoring to alert you in the event of high temps, equipment failure, water leaks, high or low humidity and power failure ect. We can also customize alarm points to your preferences. These messages can be emailed or text to personnel looking after the IT equipment or Air-Rite even in the event of total power failure on site. Ensuring you know exactly whats happening within your server room at all times.


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