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''Variable Refrigerant Flow''. It can easily be related to as the pinacol of Air Conditioning Systems. It's a very sophisticated air conditioning system, based on several principles: Refrigerant only - where refrigerant is the only coolant material in the system (in contrary to the chilled water systems, where refrigerant is used for cooling/heating the water that is circulated throughout the whole system). Inverter compressors that allow lowering power consumption with partial cooling/heating loads. Several air handlers (indoor units) on the same refrigerant loop / circuit. Ability of modular expansion (especially applicable for large projects, that can grow in stages). Only heat and cool areas as required rather that starting the whole system to satisfy one areas temperatures requirements.

VRF System types

Two Pipe systems. All the indoor units can either heat, or cool (not at the same time). Fan and Dry modes are available for each indoor unit independently. These systems are very useful in large open plan areas as they heat and cool the hot and cool pockets rather than the whole area, saving energy. Three Pipe Heat Recovery systems. These systems are the most sophisticated, where cooling and heating may be available by each indoor unit, independently, at the same time. These systems work particularly well in scenarios where some units require cooling (eg sunlight through the windows) and others require heating (no sunlight). The system will actually use the heat it removed from the areas requiring cooling and transfer that the rooms requiring heating. This makes for a very efficient system as it is not using electricity to generate heat, it simply transfers it via its refrigerant.


How does VRF work?

The operation logic of the VRF is fully built-in inside the system and is proprietary for each VRF manufacturer. The system gets inputs from the user (e.g. desired comfort temperature) and from the surroundings (outside ambient temperature), and according to that data it implements its logic in order to get to the desired comfort conditions, utilizing optimal power consumption. The ability to adjust itself to the outdoor conditions is one of the main factors that makes these systems so efficient. Example of operation would be as follows At the beginning, the system is in standstill condition (everything is turned off). Once a user turns one of the indoors ON by its local remote, the outdoor gets noted regarding it, and starts working. At this point, it will examine the outdoor conditions (temperature), the operating indoor requirements (operation mode, set point temperature), and will operate the compressor at the exact level, required to comply with the indoor requirements. When another indoor unit is turned on, the outdoor recalculates the requirements from all the indoors, and will increase the compressor's output, according to the required level of demand. This process is constantly occurring with any change, performed in the system. As described, this system is fully automatic, and regulates its power consumption based on the demand arriving from the indoor units and outside prevailing conditions. User can have influence on the desired indoor comfort conditions, modifying: Operation mode (on/off), Operation state (Cool/Heat/Fan/Dry/Auto), set point temperature, fan speed (high/medium/low/auto). Controlling those parameters is the only thing required for proper operation, and the only thing that is required for proper integration with the VRF system.


3: Central Ducted

Ducted heat pumps provide central heating and cooling by blowing air through ducts into multiple rooms of a house. While some can only be controlled centrally, others allow you to choose which rooms or groups of rooms you want to be heated at any given time (zoning). For example, you may only want to have your bedrooms heated overnight.


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