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Thermal ducting fitted with a fan a thermostat is known as a 'Heat Transfer System'. It is used to transfer warm air from a heated room to unheated parts of the house. They are most effective at providing heating for rooms not normally requiring constant heating' such as bedrooms. They can be used to improve warm air circulation.

Energy Savings

Many houses use just one heater in the main room to provide heat for the entire house. This room can become too hot while the rest of the house stays cold. A lot of the heat generated is simply wasted because it stays up near the ceiling . A comfortable level of heating is in the region of 22-24 degrees centigrade. The warm air collecting in the top half of the room is in the region of 30-34 degrees centigrade. It is this air which is transferred using the kit. What does it do? Heat transfer systems are specifically designed to utilise excess heat by transferring it from a 'source' room and distributing it to other rooms.


Air Circulation

Heat transfer kits may be the answer to a number of household heating problems' by transferring excess heat they are able to 'take the chill off' cold rooms and create airflow and warmth that in turn' reduces the likelihood of condensation and dampness in the other rooms that do not have a heat source. The inlet opening in the 'source' room should be placed close to the heat source at high level. This allows the room to warm first before transferring excess heat and assists in the circulation of the arm air.



Diffusers in the other rooms should be placed central in the room in the ceiling to ensure that the warm air is given a chance to circulate within the rooms. A thermostat regulates the system. The temperature is set so that once a comfortable temperature has been reached in the 'source' room (say 24 degrees C) the fan is switched on and excess heat is transferred to the colder rooms. If you would like more information on heat transfer systems and if they may be suitable for your home' contact us for more info.


Financing Options

We offer finance options on heat pump installation with repayments from 6 - 48 months with repayments weekly, fortnightly or monthly. (credit criteria applies) If you would like to learn more about what type of heat pump may be right for you, feel free to contact us on office@air-rite.co.nz or 06 759 4999 for a free, no obligation quote.


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